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James loves science, but her best friend, Valerie can't stand it.  With the help of their teacher, Ms. Davis, James hatches a plan to get Valerie to love science once again! Can James and Ms. Davis succeed in cracking through to Valerie's heart? Or will their best laid plans become scrambled?

This children's book was written by middle school students for a competition with the theme of "Interactive" and was tested with 2nd grade students before being re-written to be easier for second graders to read. It also features the full instructions on how to conduct your own "eggsperiment" at home! Now anyone can teach children the fun of science from the comfort of your own home!

Fully illustrated with fun pictures on every page!
PDF and ePub formats for on-the-go reading along.

(Note: This is a digital version of what was originally designed to be a physical work. There may be some formatting errors from the digitization process. Let us know if there is any problems you spot! Thanks!)


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