A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

"It's our first game! Pixels and sounds and gameplay were all made by us!" - Three middle school students

  • [R] key resets the level if the game gets stuck
  • You can wall jump by hitting the jump button while touching a wall (necessary for last few levels)
  • Hard game but I know you can do it!!

Comes with instructions on how to run this game on Mac, Linux, and Chrome Operating Systems.

Install instructions

Unzip the downloadable file and run the file that says "CLICK TO PLAY ME" and the game will begin! If the character disappears try hitting the [R] key and they should return to the start of the level.


DudeWheresMyWifi_STABLE.zip 37 MB
CollectibleStudent_PromoPoster3 3 MB
README_DudeWifi.txt 1 kB